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Stoneleigh Christmas Play (2006).
King George and Bold Slasher in mortal combat.
A battle, a battle betwixt you and I
To see which of us first will die.

Stoneleigh Christmas Play (2006).
'What can you cure Doctor?'
I can cure all sorts of complaints and diseases
Just whichever me and my box of pills pleases
Such as soft-corns, hard-corns, molly-grubs, solly-grubs
And all such tinklehairy things as these.

The Newbold Christmas Play (2007).
Moll Finney's 'cure' for the Turkish Knight.
Drive the heat through his body
And he will rise again.

Stoneleigh Christmas Play (2006).
The battle rages on
So guard thy head, defend thy blows
Likewise take care of face and nose.

The Newbold Christmas Play (2009).
Saint George and Turkish Knight - let battle commence.
My head is made of iron. My body's lined with steel.
Therefore I'll battle with thee to see which on the grave shall fall.

Stoneleigh Christmas Play (2007).
Moll Finney and the Doctor.
I can cure this man
If he ain't quite dead.
The Newbold Christmas Play (2009).
Saint George - the boy of courage bold.
By these means I won
The King of Egypt's daughter

The Bishops Tachbrook Christmas Play (2007).
When I say 'pull' - pull!
Oh what a monster!