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Ho! ho! ho!
A mug of your Christmas ale, sir
Will make us merry and sing
But money in our pockets
Is much a better thing.

In comes I, old Humpty Jack
Wife and family on my back
Some at the workhouse, some at the rack
I'll bring the rest when I come back.

Fetch the Doctor, John
Fetch 'im theeself.
What's that?
I'll fetch 'im meself.

In comes I, old Father Christmas

Christmas, Christmas or not
I hope old Father Christmas
Will never be forgot.

I am a valiant soldier bold

Bold Slasher is my name
From those cruel wars I came

The seventeenth son of a well known doctor

I ain't one of these quickquack, three fardin' doctors
I go about for the good of the world, not to kill, but to cure.

Who do you call Moll Finney?

My name is Mrs Finney, a woman of great pain
Can cure more than you or any man again.

I am King George

This noble knight
I shed my blood for England's right
For England's right and England's reign
And England's glory I'll maintain.

In comes I, Peeping Tom Fool

I hope you're not offended by my call
I hope you're not offended by what I say
For there's many more jolly boys to come this way.

A song from Mr Shuttleworth

A celebration of 40 years by our founder member!

In comes I, Big Head and Little Wits

With my head so big and my wits so small
I'll sing a song to please you all.

There was an old man came over the sea

A'ha but I won't have him
Came over the sea to marry me
And his old grey noddle, his old grey noddle
His old grey noddle kept shaking.

In comes I, Black Morocco Dock

Through woods and groves I come
I thought I heard a silver trumpet sound

Tell me friar, you can save souls with just your word?
Aye, my lord, it's true indeed
But for a fee to be agreed.