Mummers 40th Anniversary Photo Gallery:

More photos will be added as time passes.

If you have a group Photo of the Coventry Mummers and think it would be a great addition, please email your Photo Suggestion here.

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In come I, Guy of Warwick.
Good people of Coventry, I bring relief
I've slain the beast of Dunsmore Heath
No tax to Leofric need you pay
At Knightlow Hill on Martinmas Day

Boy with Basin.
Thou art all bluster and it shows
So come on, tell us what he knows

Fool and Butcher.
What do'st tha' know about sticking a tup?
Stick a tup? I can stick the old Dick o' the devil
Cut nine pounds of beef from a bare leg of mutton

In comes I, Leofric, Earl of Mercia.
My loyal townsfolk, have no fear
For I am a nobleman straight and true
I'll protect you all, just pay your due.

In comes I, the Lord Mayor.
The Lord Mayor of Coventry, Cllr Shabbir Ahmed congratulates the team

Sword dancing - Belgian style.
La piece de resistance by one the Mummers' guest sides,
Les Danceurs d'Epee de Quevaucamps in Coventry City Centre

Lady Godiva.
My Lord! Enough is quite enough
I shall ride round here in the buff
Stop this tax, I will not trifle
Or each man here shall have an eyeful.

Six fine dancers.
And proud of it are we
We're from the Jewel of the Midlands
The City of Coventry

Six glittering swords.

We've brought him along.
All dressed in his best
To see how he handles his sword

The Operatic St George.
Further proof of the boys' dancing skills

Think of us what you may.

Music - strike up and play.

Thou hast come to see a king dance?

Former Mummers.
Trying to prove they've still got what it takes!