This is a list of the plays that we perform throughout the year.

Hero combat or St George Play.

This play has a wide distribution throughout the UK. Involves St George as the hero fighting several foes and managing to live through the ordeal. Runs Easter, Christmas and Halloween. 20 mins.

Wooing or Plough Play.

Origins are from Lincolnshire and adjacent counties. traditional to New year and plough Monday. 15 to 20 minutes.

Sword Play.

From the North-East of England, based around a spectacular and skilful dance from the Escrick area of York, it is traditionally perfofmed at New Year. 15 to 20 minutes running time.

The Tup or Derby Ram Play.

An interesting Derbyshire ritual involving a hooden ram (Beast) strong interaction with audience, frightens small children. Traditional to mid winter. 10 minutes running time.

Robin Hood Play.

Not strictly a mummers play but a ballad play based loosely on the Robin Hood tradition. Sir Guy of Gisburn and the Sheriff of Nottingham all make cameo appearances. 20 to 25 minutes running time.

Lady Godiva Play.

Our latest addition and written by one of our own, this is the story of Peeping Tom, Guy of Warwick and Godiva complete with her horse. Many local inferences, Warwickshire folklore at its very best.

We do not adhere to the traditional times of year to perform our main repertory of plays, we merely use this as a guideline and reference. They encompass the four types of 'traditional'plays and each is collated from several traditional sources and performed to offer both education and entertainment.

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